Become a Professional "Failure"

If you are tired of feeling stuck, paralyzed, or bummed out after experiencing a failure, then you should consider taking this course. The practical tool you will learn in this class is focused on transforming how you feel, think, and act right after you fail.

Become a Professional Failure

take control of your feelings, thoughts & actions when you fail

Learn from a 1st Generation College Graduate & Professional Failure

Course Learnings

    1. Introduction

    2. 1. Redefine Fail

    3. 2. Own Your Process

    4. 3. Stick to the facts and Seperate your Feelings

    5. 4. Uncover your Thoughts & Rules

    6. 5. Partner up to uncover your Beliefs

    7. 6. Do not shortcut

    8. 7. Gut check your rules

    9. 8. Reframing

    10. 9. Squeeze the Lessons Learned

    11. 10. Shape your Decisions & Actions

About this course

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  • 11 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

What others have said about the course

“I never really stopped and questioned my thoughts and beliefs. Thanks to the tool you shared, I can make changes to how I process failures so that I always come out with a lesson learned or positive action I can take. This course made me feel better about every new thing I have tried and will try. Knowing that I will always win even if I fail.”

Maribel Lepe

“I appreciate that you shared how you failed. Many times we hear how people have won big and rarely are these people willing to share their vulnerabilities. You actually went there and you shared a tool that was practical and easy for me to use.”

Roberto Ortega

“Finally, a no-kidding, no fluff, easy-to-use tool that I can use to help me get out of the funk I experience every time things don't go as planned. I struggle with feeling paralyzed when I "Fail". This tool transformed my definition of what it means to fail. Being first generation, I too feel like I fail a lot. Your tool helped me go from feeling paralyzed to getting going and trying agin. I appreciate you sharing this tool along with your experience of failing in college.”

Cesar Aguilar

Who is Manny Vasquez

more than just a Professional Failure

Manny Vasquez

Manny is a first-generation American, high-school and college graduate, and entrepreneur. He currently serves as a management consultant at a Fortune 100 company and co-founder of The Grit In Me LLC, a small business focused on empowering young adults with the mental toughness and financial literacy to "Make it" via workshops, a masterclass and a speaking series.

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